After your First Appointment

It was great meeting you at your appointment.  Yes, we covered a lot of information. 🙃

To set you up for the best chance of success, we wanted to share a few more resources below ⬇️ 

The real work is what you do in your everyday life.  Even though we’re not there, we’re cheering for you every step!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or you get stuck.

🤗 Welcome to our community, we’re happy to have you. 


if you need a follow up appointment at any point you can self-schedule through our booking site.
** If it’s urgent or you’d like to be seen for something quick, texting us is best.**

Patient Portal

You will receive an email invitation to set up a portal with our electronic health record system: Elation Passport. Dr Patel will contact you through the portal about non-urgent lab results and answer any questions you may have.


All labs are electronically sent to Quest, unless you specified otherwise.  You don’t need a paper, just show up to your closest Quest. (Some require an appointment)

Insurance + Billing

After we receive your insurance payment you will receive a statement for any amount due (copay, deductible coinsurance) through our billing system (Elation). It will come through text or email before it’s mailed.

If you have a card on file with us, we will bill that.


There’s a plethora of choices of websites, podcasts, and books out there – check out our site for a list to get started.

Events + Community

Lifestyle Medicine includes 6 pillars and we try to touch on all of them by hosting events and sharing information. See our Events page for upcoming opportunities for cooking classes, community events, The Plantluck and more.

Join The Circle

A members-only group to go deeper in your whole food plant-based Lifestyle Medicine journey.

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