Have you or someone you care about dealt with infertility? 

What about cramping or menstrual pain?

I’m sure you’ve been in the presence of a woman going through a hot flash.

A couple weeks ago Neal Barnard, MD released a new book, “Your Body in Balance”, about the science of food and hormones and how it affects our health.

I highly recommend you pick up this book, it’s a fantastic resource.  Dr Barnard covers how food affects things from fertility, erectile dysfunction, and thyroid issues to our hormones and mood.

Several years ago, after having my fourth child, my body was all kinds of messed up.  I had been eating a very high fat “plant-based” diet (a lot of stress eating!) and ended up with preeclampsia and delivering two months early.

Preeclampsia, NICU baby

Dumping the fat and dairy

Once I came back to the surface after close to a year of adjusting to the baby and having four children (it’s not for the weary!), I decided to take care of my own health.  While I had no diagnosed diseases or problems, I was experiencing issues with my skin, hair and menstrual cycle. 

I cleaned up my messy plant-based cuisine by eliminating those sneaky oils and fats, as well as the occasional pizza.  Not only did I see improvement with my hair and fatigue, but also I now have the best menstrual cycle ever. Seriously.

My skin is still an issue I’m working on, but can you imagine menopause or menstruation being no big thang?  In many cultures it’s not.  

Women’s Health Class Next Week

If you don’t have time to read Dr Neal Barnard’s book, then come chat with us next Tuesday evening, 3/3/20 6PM – 8PM.  

One of our partners Anne Bingham, MD, a local OB/gyn, and board certified in Lifestyle Medicine, is going to lead a discussion about women’s health and how the food you eat and your lifestyle affects it.  

The focus of this class will be on menopausal health, breast health, bone health and sexual health. Dr Bingham will also touch on menstruation and hormones.  

Reserve your spot and tickets.

Sorry gentleman, we’ll have to have to have another class for you.

In the meantime, keep adding those beautiful plant-based foods to your plate and cutting back the meat and dairy.  Your body will thank you.

P.S. Cindy Swienton, our yoga instructor, will be teaching a yoga class right before Dr Bingham’s class. Details and tickets in the same place.