I don’t have a topic planned for this week – I’m trying to get taxes done! However, I will share a few thoughts about the conference Anne (Dr Bingham) and I went to this past weekend.

Ct Lifestyle Medicine
Lunch at the Jane Esselstyn’s Women’s Conference

Jane Esselstyn, RN, puts on a one-day women’s conference every March. The topic is “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and __Blank__ for Women”. Cancer was the blank this year.

Originally, Dr Esselstyn, Dr T. Colin Campbell, Dr Kristi Funk and our Dr Anne S. Bingham were in the line-up to speak. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, both Drs Esselstyn and Campbell had to be replaced.

It was a bummer because Dr Esselstyn and Dr Campbell are veterans, giants even, in the space of lifestyle medicine and plant-based nutrition.

However Jane pointed out the silver lining to the situation. They’ve done amazing work and research to get us all here. Now we have new doctors who are picking the ball up and running with the research.

We were able to hear from some of these doctors, and let me tell you, they’re fabulous!

Dr Urvi Shah, from Memorial Sloan Kettering, who studies multiple myeloma. She also had Hodgkin’s lymphoma while in residency. Her perspective as a physician, researcher AND patient makes her quite awesome.

Founder of The Pink Lotus Breast Center in California, Dr Kristi Funk, a prominent breast surgeon and author of Breasts: The Owners Manual. She ate no carbs for years and discovered the science of a plant-based diet when she was writing her book. Talk about eating humble pie!

Up and coming cardiologist, Dr Brian Asbill, from Asheville (say that 5 times fast!) who’s pioneering the Ornish Program at his hospital.

Ct Lifestyle medicine
Brian Hart, Dr Esselstyn, Ann Esselstyn, Dr Anne Bingham, Jane Esselstyn, Dr Kristi Funk, Dr Urvi Shah

These physicians, along with Dr Bingham, Ann Esselstyn, Jane Esselstyn and her husband Brian Hart, all brought the message home, loud and clear.

Your plate is the most important place you can make a change to improve your health. The science is there.

All this to say, in this crazy world where you may think there’s no hope, we have these amazing people who are doing the work and bringing hope every day.

Finally, take a listen to this podcast that PCRM did with Dr Funk in October. It will give you a taste of her powerful talk from this weekend.