LifeMed Consult

Personalized Treatment Program


A LifeMed Consult is a personalized treatment program based on your health history, symptoms and lifestyle.  This consult includes an initial appointment with follow-up support.

If you have tried your best to treat and reverse your chronic disease, yet you continue to be sick and require medications, then this 12 week comprehensive program may be for you.  

Initially, you will meet with our team for a comprehensive 90-minute appointment to go over your medical history and physical exam, your goals and to develop a step-by-step plan.  Your spouse or partner is also invited to this initial appointment.

You will work with us for 12 weeks during the follow-up phase.  Depending on your needs, we will talk weekly via phone, video conference or in-person.   We can titrate medications, discuss food log and symptoms, and assist in getting past any barriers.

During your time working with us, we will teach you strategies for:

  • cooking,
  • meal planning,
  • optimizing exercise,
  • dealing with food cravings, and
  • addressing other barriers that may come up in your life.


What you get with the LifeMed Consult:

  • Unlimited email or phone access to our team
  • Access to LighterPRO, a robust online food tracking, meal planning, grocery delivery program.
  • Regain your lost health and vitality, 
  • Be at or near your ideal body weight and 
  • Be off most or all of your medications. 



Payable with cash, check, credit or debit.  Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts may be able to be used with our programs, please inquire.


Are you ready to get started, and turn your health around?

Call us to make an appointment.


If you still have questions about the program and want to be sure it’s right for you, then reach out below