LifeMed DPC

Direct Primary Care


A primary care membership service, like a direct primary care model.  

Primary care with a lifestyle medicine focus.  Access to your doctor without barriers. 

Wouldn’t it be cool if your doctor or nurse was on speed dial? 

Have a question about what to do with that funky vegetable from your CSA box? 

Not sure about a weird feeling in your stomach?  

We’re a text or call away.

Unrestricted access to your doctor with little to no wait time.  Long appointments.  A real and therapeutic relationship between you and your doctor. 

Prevention and reversal of disease to create optimal health and the best you. 


The membership gives you:
  • Unlimited email or phone access to your doctor and medical team,
  • Annual comprehensive medical visit,
  • Urgent same day/next day appointments (in-person or video) *
  • No-rush office visits.
  • Monthly group classes about Lifestyle Medicine topics,
  • Private dinners with your medical team. 

*Often we can evaluate urgent problems by phone or video chat.   Insurance regulations require a face-to-face visit.  With LifeMed DPC we can bypass this significant barrier.  

We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


$79/month, each additional family member is $39/mo

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