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Tools for improved quality of life

Here at Connecticut Lifestyle Medicine, our focus is on getting to the cause of disease.

We rely on the latest evidence and use the most effective tools, such as diet and lifestyle habits.

Most importantly, we take the time to understand you and your life.

With that, we bring a few options of service depending on what you need and the acuity of your situation.

LifeMed Consult

Appointments with us that focus on prevention and reversal chronic diseases through lifestyle habits. 

Covered by insurance.

LifeMed Primary Care

Our standard primary care option with a lifestyle medicine focus.

Longer office visits, patient-centered care, covered by your insurance.


LifeMed Primary Care PLUS

A little extra support to go with your primary care. 

A membership option will give you the best of both worlds: use your insurance for visits plus get extra support, classes and VIP access.

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