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Services During COVID-19 Quarantine

During this challenging time of our country self-quarantining, we need Lifestyle Medicine more than ever.  Dealing with the added stress and anxiety is important to make it through this era of unknowns.

All in-person events and appointments are canceled until further notice.  However, we are offering FREE group video chats, workouts, classes and yoga.  

Take a look at our event calendar for our most updated offerings.

Our regular LifeMed Consult and LifeMed Primary services and appointments are still available via video chat as well.

Reach out if you have questions or need support.

Here at Connecticut Lifestyle Medicine, our focus is on getting to the cause of disease.

We rely on evidence-based tools, such as diet and lifestyle habits, and taking the time to understand you and your environment.

With that we bring several options of service depending on what you need and the acuity of your situation.

Choose your level of treatment from one of our programs or choose an á la carte option to become established in the practice.

LifeMed Consult

A personalized treatment program based on your health history, symptoms and current lifestyle.

This consult includes a 90-min intake appointment with 12 weeks of follow-up support.

LifeMed Primary Member

A monthly membership service where you will not only receive extraordinary personalized primary care services, but also unlimited access to your physician.

Most importantly, we give you our time.

LifeMed Non-Member

À la carte services for single appointments


Access to a robust food tracking, meal planning, grocery delivery program on-line.  (Cost: $15/mo)

Initial Appointment

A one-time initial appointment to be established in our practice.  No follow-up is included in this option. If you are looking for follow-up, please see the LifeMed Consult or LifeMed Primary Member.  (Cost: $249)

Follow-up Physician Visit 

Up to 1-hour visit with physician.  This is for patients who are already established with us with an initial appointment. (Cost: $179)

Follow-up Nurse Visit 

Up to 1-hour visit with Catherine to ask questions, go over strategies, discuss barriers, etc.  This is for patients who are already established with us with an initial appointment. (Cost: $75)

Classes & Events

See our Event Calendar for up-to-date details

LifeMed Classroom

Dr Bingham will be spearheading our education and community outreach programs.  We will offer continuing education credits for our healthcare colleagues as well as classes for the public.

Gentle Yoga with Cindy Swienton

Held on Tuesdays via Google Hangout 4:30 – 5:30 PM.  See Event Calendar for dates and to secure your spot. 

Are you ready to get started, and turn your health around?

Call us to make an appointment.


If you still have questions about the program and want to be sure it’s right for you, then reach out below