Do you find grocery shopping to be a dreaded chore? Are you the type to go once a week like me or every day, like my mom? Either way, let us help you to simplify your life with our plant-based grocery list.

“Hunting and gathering” is one of my favorite times of the week. I can peruse the grocery aisles while I talk to one of my sisters, listen to a podcast or just be alone. And that’s hard to do with four kids!

It’s also hard to keep enough food in the house for these growing gremlins. At one point a few years ago I was telling them to stop eating so much fruit because we were running out by the end of the week.

plant-based grocery list at Costco

How crazy was that? Who tells kids to stop eating so much fruit??!! I decided we needed a change in the hunting and gathering strategy.

Buying Groceries for a family

When I was newly plant-based it seemed impossible to figure out how to shop and not break the bank!

I tried Ocean State Job Lot, Stop and Shop, Aldi, Walmart, Whole Foods, Shop Rite, Target, BJ’s — the list goes on.

plant-based grocery list and shopping with toddlers

Each store had a few things that we liked or needed at a good price but I couldn’t find everything I needed in one place. It got pretty crazy going to three different stores with two kids under three.

Plant-based shopping for a family on a budget

So I finally smartened up and decided to compare all these stores and once and for all. I needed to find what was best so that we could spend more time at the playground and less time driving to stores.

This prompted a new spreadsheet! I made a list of all the things we buy on a weekly and monthly basis in each row and in each corresponding column I put the cost per unit under the store.

I know, super nerdy.

Long story short, I found it most cost effective for my family to shop at Trader Joe’s and Costco on a weekly basis, while we make monthly stops at Whole Foods and Target.

plant-based grocery list at Costco

Does this seem complicated and unnecessary? Maybe.

But I was making myself, and my husband, crazy trying to figure it all out. Now I have a list of things I like at each store and all the thinking is done. I’ve simplified my shopping.

What about Walmart for plant-based foods?

You don’t have to shop at Trader Joe’s, Costco and Whole Foods. It just depends on your likes, geography and budget. The point is to simplify.

Dr Patel swears by Walmart. He can get in an out quickly and get everything he needs.

Aldi gets an honorable mention from me, but the only issue is they’re inconsistent with some of the things we like. Plus, it’s not near one of my other favorite stores, so it adds too much time.

Get the plant-based grocery list

If my list doesn’t work for you then take some time and plan out your favorites. Simplify your life.

Get the list here and feel free to share it with your friends.

In the meantime – Happy Hunting and Gathering!