Thanksgiving is next week, the grocery stores are packed! Are you confused about what you should make or if you should have pie on Thanksgiving day?

As long as every day is not like Thanksgiving day then enjoy that piece of pecan pie. Have the delicious sides and find new traditions.

A few years ago we had made way too many pies so we started eating the fruit date nut pie from Engine2 for breakfast. Now it’s a tradition and it’s a delicious one!

The recipe is in the PDF below. Here’s a few resources for you to get some ideas of how you can contribute to Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving pie

Eat Mo’ Pie!

Download Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Thanksgiving is all about the side dishes!  

Isn’t it of the best when you can just kind of mix everything together and throw gravy on it?

This PDF is a few years old but the recipes are still our favorites.  Download and enjoy!

Other Plant-Based Recipe Sources

Every food blogger is talking about Thanksgiving recipes right now so have fun finding ones that work for you and your family.

Here’s links to a couple of our favorites.