The Circle

Take your plant-based journey to the next level


The Circle

& who’s it for

The Circle is for anyone experienced with whole food, plant-based (WFPB), or striving to be more so. 🥬 🍠 

It’s a circle of support, a group–a gang.

Taking you beyond your cookbooks gathering dust and your family who doesn’t eat like you

In The Circle you’ll commiserate about your friends who ask “but where do you get your protein?”, 🐄  not about your pills.  📣 You’ll have a place to vent, share and learn about sustaining the WFPB life in a world that’s not set up for you.

The more you learn and experience, the more you expand

We evolve over time, becoming more mature and wise, some of us. 😉  We pick up new habits or ways of doing things.  The same goes for lifestyle habits and eating WFPB.  

Think of walking around a track. 🚶‍♂️  Every time you pass the starting line you evolve a bit more. Ditching what you don’t need – like the complicated recipes and ingredients. And picking up something new – like weight training or meditation. 

If you stay on the track, (in the circle) ⭕️ , you’ll evolve, change, and meet others to walk with.

Growing the community at CT Lifestyle Medicine

Connecticut Lifestyle Medicine has evolved as a practice too.  From starting with a cash-only model, to taking insurance.  Through all the changes our favorite part is the community.  And that’s the part our patients love the most too. ♥️ 

“The community keeps me accountable, otherwise I’d be trudging along” – Current Member

🤔 Imagine how freeing it’ll feel to talk openly about the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle that promotes rice and potatoes!

Goals of The Circle

  • Promote and grow the community and relationships pillar
  • Explore the other Lifestyle Medicine pillars more deeply ++
  • Have fun and maintain curiosity with others in this journey
  • Find ways to keep things simple
  • Provide accountability

Take the stress out of maintaining and be part of a safe space to ask deeper questions and take the next steps. Whether that’s talking about sleep and stress, or helping you adapt Grandma’s cookie recipe. 

lifestyle medicine pillars ct

++ The Lifestyle Medicine pillars address: diet, exercise, stress, sleep, relationships and substances

 Included with your

1-year membership

  • Opportunities to connect virtually and in-person 
  • A private online support group 
  • Morning group meditation, done weekly via Zoom 
  • Monthly Zoom support calls with the CT LifeMed team. You’ll share experiences and recipes, ask questions, and learn your next hack 
  • A monthly Social Circle, the activity will range from hikes to crafts to lunch 
  • Dinners quarterly
  • Book group quarterly
  • Cooking and art classes discount: attend 5 and get 2 free (for you or a friend) 
ct lifestyle medicine circle

What is your health worth?  What would a plant-based circle mean to your future,  your great-grandkids?

What you get when you join The Circle

  • Immediate access to the private group online*
  • An invite to weekly morning meditation: a $520 yearly value
  • An invite for monthly Zoom calls with the medical team: a $900 yearly value
  • Discounts for cooking and art classes: a $70 yearly value 

Total value: $1490

We’re excited to

introduce our NEW membership

for less than half the valued amount

Choose which plan is best for you

Most Flexible

  • 12 monthly payments

*Once you click the Sign Up button you’ll be taken to our community platform on Mighty Network.  You’ll either sign in or create an account.  Once you’re logged it you’ll be taken to The Circle group landing page where you can choose your sign up option.  

Special Offer

for the FIRST 25 to sign up:

25% OFF cooking and art classes, plus FREE access to our Library of Classes for 1 year. +

+Scheduled to release in May 2024. The Library of Classes will have all our recorded classes and helpful PDFs. 

The classes include: heart disease, diabetes, aging, weight loss, brain diseases, gut health, exercise and yoga. We’ll add to it as we develop more content.

Final Details

  • The Circle membership is a one year commitment, either paid yearly or monthly
  • You’ll have the choice to stop or renew your membership each anniversary month.  (If you start in April 2024, you’ll get the option to renew in April 2025).
  • Spouse discount is available for 2 partners living in the same house, 10% off second partner’s membership
  • HSA and FSA can be used, reach out separately by emailing us.
  • Medical visits are not included in this membership.  You will still have easy access to our office and medical team via portal or texting our phone line.  You’ll use your insurance for medical issues and visits
  • Once you sign up you’ll have immediate access to the online group through MightyNetwork and you can sync up your calendar with all the events

We hope you will accept this invitation to join us and we look forward to welcoming you as our newest member.

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