Last week I had our LifeMed Members over for dinner and made the best kale salad – EVER. No really. (Once I fed it to fire-fighters and they mowed through 8 bunches of kale!)

As we were chomping on the salad the issue of how to eat kale and make it edible came up. We know the green leafy vegetable family so important to eat for your heart, your gut, your waistline — but can be tough to chew!

My method of getting kale down the gullet, and the gullets of my children, is to massage it. Literally just rubbing the kale between my fingers.

I know others prefer to blanch the kale, dropping it in boiling water for a couple minutes then immediately submerging in ice water.

It’s really up to you. I prefer to use as few pots as possible!

How to massage kale

Here’s Jane and Ann Esselstyn stripping and massaging kale in case you’re wondering what in the heck I’m talking about:

Jane and Ann Esselstyn preparing kale

Eat more kale

Whether you blanch or massage – get the beautiful green stuff in every day. Even better – two to three times a day!

When you have the kale prepared (massaged or blanched) and in your fridge you’ll be more likely to eat it. Add some balsamic glaze or your favorite dressing.

Put it on an open faced sandwich with a little hummus, tomato or roasted red peppers.

Try the Kale Parm Salad for yourself

The Kale Parm Salad our members were gobbling up last week is a family favorite and we usually use it at the holiday meals or celebrations because it’s a bit more labor intensive then we like for a daily salad.

I hope you give it a try and see what all the fuss is about.